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Written by Larry Hayden, President of Timeshare Resales Worldwide
CA Real Estate Broker LIcense #01328143

Thanks to RCI's points program, timeshare has evolved into a full blown sophisticated full travel resource. Owners can use their RCI Points for timeshares, hotels, airfare, cruises, car rentals, theme park tickets and more. Fasten your seat belt, and as you read this page, I think you will be amazed.

Florida Vacation Villas Club is a club membership in perpetuity (forever), so it can be willed to heirs.
Florida Vacation Villas Club is an RCI Points Affiliated resort located in Kissimmee,(Orlando) FL

RCI is the largest vacation network in the world, with 4,000+ affiliated resorts worldwide.  


Florida Vacation Villas Club is our company's number one recommended timeshare program
based upon the most vacation value for the least cost!

Question: Is this the same as owning a deed in an RCI points  resort?
ANSWER: No. Florida Vacation Villas Club is not a deeded membership. It is a long established RCI Points vacation club with no maintenance fees, entitling  you to receive an annual  allotment of RCI pure points plus the ability to add an unlimited number of additional points at only 1.5 cents per point!

Question: What exchange power does this program get me?
ANSWER: The answer to this demonstrates the key advantage of being a member using RCI Points! ALL RCI points have equal power to book what you want. Pay as you go …when you want to go! If you need to add additional points to complete a reservation with RCI, contact Florida Vacation Villas Club and purchase additional points at only $.015 plus a $98 transaction fee. Note that the $98 fee covers any number of points you want to add.

Question: Can my family and friends be included in these vacations?
ANSWER: Yes. This is a big plus because they can use it as often as you want. You do so by purchasing an RCI Guest Certificate for each vacation. 

Question: How  much does an RCI Guest Certificate cost? 
ANSWER: $59 is all it takes to purchase an RCI Guest Certificate, and to start sharing the matchless world of RCI vacations with your friends and family! 

Question: Can RCI Points be used for other than accommodations?
ANSWER: A resounding yes! The additional options are provided by  RCI Points Partners: RCI Points can be used towards  plane tickets, cruises, car rentals, hotels, theme park tickets,  and more.
     CLICK HERE to go to the RCI website, and see all the RCI Points Partner benefits. If it is your guest who will be using your points, simply indicate that the vacation is for a guest at the time of booking!

Question: What am I joining? 
ANSWER: Membership in Florida Vacation Villas Club, whose members have access to RCI points..

Question: How long does it take to get my Florida Vacation Villas Club RCI Points account?
ANSWER: It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for RCI to get your account set up.

Question: What can I do with it?
ANSWER:You have your own RCI Points account  to book vacations or use the other RCI points partner benefits.

Question: Through whom do I join?
ANSWER: You join through us and we coordinate with the resort to process and setup your Florida Vacation Villas Club RCI Points Membership.

 RCI is a mega travel agency and you get alerts of exciting  travel specials not available elsewhere.

Question: If I own a traditional RCI "weeks timeshare and want to use RCI Points benefits, would this membership accomplish that? 
ANSWER: Definitely yes, IF your resort is not already an RCI Points resort. As an owner in Florida Vacation Villas Club, RCI allows you to decide each year if you want to use your week to deposit into your RCI Points account and use RCI Points in ALL RCI resorts! Note: If you already have an RCI "weeks" membership, when you join the club, you will have two RCI Accounts, one for weeks and one for RCI points, but there will be  only one annual RCI membership charge. So you retain your weeks membership,  and you will also have an RCI Points account  membership.

Question: Is  my purchase protected in any way?
ANSWER:Yes,  definitely.  View  Details
Question: What are the annual recurring costs after the first year?
ANSWER: After  the first year, Florida Vacation Villas Club members only pay the $99 per year Club Membership Fee. This is the lowest annual cost of any timeshare plan!
      *Of course your RCI Points Membership must remain active   
      (as low as $99 per year).

Question: If I am a traditional "weeks" owner, can I opt to use my week as RCI Points?
ANSWER: Yes DEFINITELY. RCI allows you to deposit your week into your RCI points account and use the points in all RCI resorts worldwide. To qualify, your weeks resort cannot be an RCI Points resort.

Question: Once I have my RCI Points account, if I own or buy an RCI "weeks" timeshare,  can I deposit the weeks and use them as RCI Points?
ANSWER: Yes, for sure IF your resort is NOT already an RCI Points affiliated resort. And it is very advisable to do so because RCI Points owners have more options than "weeks" owners: Stay one day at a time,  stay in hotels, use RCI Points Partners, book in both "weeks" resorts and RCI Points resorts

Question: Is financing available?
ANSWER: Yes. You can pay via any credit card.

Question: How many RCI Points do I need to have to get me into XYZ Resort?
ANSWER: There are many variables which affect the number of points, such as # of bedrooms, time of year, and location. But the wonderful reality is once you  have your RCI Points account,  you can login and perform powerful searches which will assure you will be able to get your request using the fewest RCI Points
 possible. Then you book you vacation right then and there. Realize that it has always been true that an amazing number of people buy timeshare, and NEVER use it.  This is one reason there are always thousands of weeks available to the fortunate few who own an RCI Points account -- arguably the most valuable
 vacation asset on the planet! 

Question: What does the the Florida Vacation Villas membership cost?
ANSWER: Contact Broker Larry Hayden via email 
     Larry@AllTimeshare.com  at Timeshare Resales Worldwide  Toll  Free (800) 297-0977 It is  a one-time fee for a  membership forever that can be willed to your heirs in perpetuity (forever) 

It sounds too good to be true, how does RCI make any money?
RCI is both a timeshare exchange company and a travel agency. RCI makes money from membership fees, travel services, and RCI Points transaction fees when bookings are confirmed.

We are known as RCI Points experts so contact us to obtain knowledgeable answers to your questions. We look forward to welcoming you and your family and friends to unlimited dream vacations!

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