Saturday, January 24, 2004

Timeshare Resales - A Gift For The Holidays?

As an enthusiastic vacationer and owner of several vacation timeshare properties, I enjoy publishing articles of interest to the fellow four million plus owners of vacation timeshare worldwide.

The vacation timeshare industry has come a long way from the early days of the early seventies when RCI, the large exchange company, (Resort Condominiums International) had about 24 properties in the first RCI resort directory, compared to several thousand resorts today.

RCI is the largest vacation exchange company in the world, with more than 3,700 resorts in nearly 100 countries. By exchanging your Vacation Week for seven nights at another RCI-affiliated resort, you open yourself up to wonderful new experiences and create memories to treasure the rest of your life.

One of the greatest pleasures many timeshare owners have it to enjoy simply GIVING a gift of a week's accommodations to family members.

As we approach another Christmas season and we attend to our annual "shopping list" for gifts, how 'bout thinking what a nice gift luxury vacation accommodations are?

We use our ownership much of the time to do just that - give it away to our loved ones.

And the gift is greatly appreciated - what a joy to say to your children - "Hey, I've booked a week in a beautiful resort for you, go and enjoy it. It truly is a special gift.

Because I truly believe in the product, I conceived what has now been our company motto for many years - "Timeshare Resales Worldwide - Where Our Most Important Product Is Quality Time With Loved Ones".

And as our world gets increasingly impersonal, increasingly hectic, ever more stressful, the need for relaxing vacations and quality time is more vitally important than ever.

The nice thing about it is that unlike other gifts you give away and which are then soon gone, as an owner of a deeded-forever timeshare property, you can keep giving those gifts away, again and again, year after year.

Today there are new vacation timeshare programs called points programs which facilitate the gift-giving option even better than ever...

As a points type of timeshare owner, you can give away nightly stays instead of whole-week stays. You have the flexibility to stay or give away time at hundreds of resorts for one night, a few nights or even longer than a full week. So, if a 7-night stay is not in your plans, you can choose the length of your vacation and only need to use the necessary number of Points per night.
(Incidently, those points can also be used for cruises, airline tickets, etc. - more about points in a future blog)

Of course if you get tired of being Santa Clause there is nothing prohibiting you from using your your timeshare yourself, or getting imaginative with other uses for it...

I know owners who have found that vacation accommodations make for an excellent barter tool.

One person I know exchanged a two-week booking in Hawaii, for over $5,000 in dental work.
The dentist was happy, and the timeshare owner was ecstatic.

The only out-of-pocket cost of those two weeks were the maintence fees of about $400 each week, and the RCI Exchange Fees of about $100 per week - a total of $1,000 which paid for $5,400 dental work.

I know other people who have traded their timeshare vacation accommodations to have their homes painted, and automobile work performed.

Others have simply rented their timeshare condos out, and the rental amount far exceeded the maintenance fees, however I never promote the purchase of timeshare as a financial investment, because that is not the main reason timeshare makes sense. We do offer a free service on our website where owners can rent out vacation timeshare and keep all the money.

If timeshare is bought wisely on the resale market where the prices are low at least you should be able to sell it in the future for about what you paid for it.

In the meantime while you enjoy being a vacation timeshare owner, you can be "Santa Clause" in a very special and exciting way that perhaps may not have ever occured to you if you had not come across this blog.

Finally, I hope that I have been helpful in helping you think about what you want to put on your shopping list for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, all!


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