Saturday, March 05, 2005

Examples of RCI Points Use Values

A few short years ago, vacation timeshare was entirely comprised of resorts where the minimum stay via an exchange through RCI, was for a seven night stay.

Today, RCI exchanges are more and more reflected by "RCI points" based stays.

You can use your points in "weeks" resorts also.

Generally speaking 40,000 points will get you 2 Bedroom anywhere within RCI weeks, and 27,500 points will get you a 1 bedroom. Only 9,000 points will get you into any size unit on an instant exchange. (45 days in advance.)

If you can travel on short notice, this is a real bargain! If you own 90,000 points and use them all on instant exchange, that is 10 weeks of vacation!

All RCI points are equal. There is no "trading value", so no matter at what resort you own points, no other RCI points owner has priority over you.

You can use your RCI points in any RCI resort, regardless if the resort is an RCI Points resort or an RCI Weeks resort.

RCI points members can also use points for hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises and airline tickets.

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