Saturday, March 26, 2005

Honolulu - Hard to spell, fun to visit

Before I visited Hawaii, I thought the names were difficult to spell and even more difficult to pronounce.

After visiting Hawaii, I found out that I was exactly right. Grin.

But it is a wonderful place and that attests to why it is the number one destination on earth for timeshare exchange requests.

Until the Europeans came, HONOLULU was insignificant; soon so many foreign ships were frequenting its waters that it had become Kamehameha's capital, and it remains the economic center of the island.

The city covers a long (if narrow) strip of southern Oahu, but downtown is a manageable size, and a lot quieter than its glamorous image might suggest.

The timeshare resorts, and most of Honolulu's hustle, are mostly located in high-rise buildings on leased land, concentrated among the skyscrapers of very distinct WAIKIKI , the famous beach that borders downtown Honolulu.

The setting is beautiful, right on the Pacific and backed by dramatic cliffs and the extinct volcanoes of Punchbowl (a military cemetery) and Diamond Head ; but then beauty is not so rare a commodity on Hawaii, and you can see this sort of scenery in plenty of other places without a city in the middle of it. Many visitors only land on Oahu, then transfer planes to go to the other islands.

But, what attracts most visitors to stay in Honolulu, and especially Waikiki, is the sheer hedonism of shopping, eating and generally hanging out in the sun. It's also the center of an exemplary public transportation system, facilitating exploration of the whole island.

The City of Downtown Honolulu is surprisingly small, set back a little from the sea and centering around a spacious plaza on King Street that includes Iolani Palace and the state capitol .

Buyers who have never been to Hawaii, but who are interested in purchasing timeshare in Hawaii, will need to talk to someone who has been to several of the islands in order to understand what resort and location might fit their lifestyle. Feel free to contact us.

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