Sunday, March 27, 2005

Las Vegas - Tourists and Timeshare. A natural combination.

Shimmering from the desert haze of Nevada like a latter-day El Dorado, Las Vegas is the most dynamic, spectacular city on earth.

At the start of the twentieth century, it didn't even exist; at the start of the twenty-first, it's home to well over one million people, with enough newcomers arriving to need a new school every month.

Vacation timeshare started very slowly in Las Vegas. The first timeshare was the Jockey Club and sales were very slow there at first. Today it enjoys one of the best locations on the strip, and it is still a very good choice for an inexpensive and clean Las Vegas timeshare with a great location, right next door to the Belagio.

Presently there are more timeshare units under construction than at any other period, and they all sell out in a brisk fashion. Hilton is a major player, building the largest timeshare there in the world. Marriott has just bought out the Diamond resorts project at the Polo Towers property where a Marriott timeshare will be located. Fairfield's Grand Desert is one of the nicer resorts, Worldmark also has a resort.

Las Vegas is not like other cities. At one time, RCI designated certain periods of the year as White and Blue, meaning off season. For years now, all weeks are designated Red, meaning high season, because there is no truly "off season" anymore in Las Vegas.

No city in history has so explicitly valued the needs of visitors above those of its own population. All its growth has been fueled by tourism, but the tourists haven't spoiled the "real" city; there is no real city.

Las Vegas doesn't have fascinating little-known neighborhoods, and it's not a place where visitors can go off the beaten track to have more authentic experiences.

Instead, the whole thing is completely self-referential; the reason Las Vegas boasts the vast majority of the world's largest hotels is that around thirty-seven million tourists each year come to see the hotels themselves.

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