Wednesday, March 30, 2005

RCI Points - The Future of Vacation Timeshare

With vacation "points" being emphasized by RCI, the largest vacation timeshare exhange company in the world (Resort Condominiums Int'l.), it appears that the points-based type of timeshare is the ownership model of the future.

By owning RCI Points you have the flexibility to use your Points at a variety of resort vacations, plus other leisure opportunities such as airline tickets, cruises, hotel stays and much more. As an RCI Points member you're automatically an RCI subscribing member, with complete access to the RCI Weeks system of more than 3,700 resorts worldwide.

With RCI Points you have the flexibility to:

Choose how many days you want to stay and where you want to stay
Vacation at your home resort
Stay at other great RCI Points resorts
Reserve a variety of resort unit types and seasons
Save or borrow Points to create your dream vacation
Use RCI Points to book airline tickets, hotel stays, rent a car or book cruises, and more.
Use RCI Points at RCI Weeks resorts

The subject of RCI Points is one of the most important in the vacation timeshare industry so we will be covering it thoroughly in future blogs. Stay tuned!

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