Saturday, March 19, 2005

Why Southern CA Timeshares Trade So Well

The Southern California Coast is one of the highest demand areas/regions in the RCI exchange system.

From Oceanside south to Del Mar there are less than 600 timeshare units in existance.

If we assume tht as many as half the owners of these units deposit their weeks for exchange with RCI, that is only 300 units available for an inbound exchange in any given week. How many people from around the world want to vacation at the southern CA beach in a given week? Probably a lot more than 300!

This creates high demand and low supply, which is why Southern California has a very high trading power.

Add the fact thal all 52 weeks a year on the Souothern California Coast are Red weeks, the highest demand weeks, and you have extremely high trade value, regardless of the week you own.

It pays to own on the Southern California Coast!

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