Thursday, June 30, 2005

Can A Timeshare Developer take your private property using the recent Supreme Court Decision regarding New London, CT?

Timeshare developments create a whole bunch of revenue for the city in which they are located.

The 2006 Supreme Court Decision gives the government the right to seize private property for economic gain.

Justice Souter and others voted in favor of this.

If you have a desirable piece of property, could a timeshare developer end up owing it in a bizarre twist of use of eminent domain?

The truth is that we have all seen on TV numerous instances of the outrageous abuses of the former sacred right of ownership of private property. Yes, the goverment can take yout property and the truth is it can be used for any purpose the goverment sees fit in which is will generate the "most revenue for the most public good."

Many of you may have read of Logan Clements, who has been leading the battle to resist such forfeitures of private property, property being taken by the extreme use of eminant domain.

For those interested, and as a long time real estate professional, I am, here is the link to Logan Darrow Clement's website, where he continues defending the "little guy" against eminant domain abuses.

Freestar Media by Logan Darrow Clements

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