Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Do RCI Points owners have an advantage in exchanging compared to an RCI Weeks owner?

RCI Points owners may have an advantage in exchanging compared to an RCI Weeks owner

I have been wondering the same thing that I am sure a lot of you have been wondering - Do RCI Points owners have a better chance of getting an exchange than an RCI Weeks owner?

While there is no proof and there probably never will be, I can share two actual exchange experiences that seem to indicate that the RCI Points owner has the upper hand.

One is from our broker's own personal exchange experience:

He had an exchange request in to RCI for several months and nothing had come up yet. He converted that week to RCI Points, and he received the requested exchange just 5 days later. Even better was that the exchange did not use all of the points he received by converting the week to points, so he still had some left over for additional vacations.

A second experience was related by a non-points timeshare owner who had an exchange in to RCI for eight months. His friend, WHO OWNS IN THE SAME RESORT, AND REQUESTED THE EXACT SAME DESTINATION AND RESORT, was able to get his exchange in 3 days even though his friend had been waiting 8 months.

There seems to be a message here to me.

If you have a traditional "weeks" timeshare and you haven't been satisfied your trades, you may want to look into owning RCI Points. All you need is a small RCI Points account and then you may be able to use your weeks as RCI Points. And you can probably get more than one week vacation for that maintenance fee you are paying, as well as ability to use points for hotels, airlines, car rentals, cruises and more.

Ask details how to get an RCI Points account

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