Friday, December 02, 2005

How does RCI keep track of resort quality and maintenance?

The resorts and RCI pay close attention to comment card scores that they receive back from visitors after the visitor returns home.

RCI's staff also makes periodic visits to resorts; however, these are announced visits.

People have widely varying expectations and perceptions too, as to what is a reasonable attitude towards upkeep. Some people as they say, wouldn't be happy if they were "hung with a brand new rope." it's only a joke.

One member might think that the quality of the furnishings was poor, and the staff attention was inadequate, but the very next member might rave about it.

So, comment card scores capture overall member impressions, but there can be wide differences in individual ratings.

RCI also provides a secret shopper service through their Ragatz Associates survey affiliate to help resorts monitor and improve quality and service as an added client service, but RCI is not provided with this data and the results are not used by RCI in any way, only by the resort.

You can check with online sources for resort reviews such as those found on the RCI Community at, or contact resorts directly to inquire if you haven't visited before. RCI is very interested in tracking trends in housekeeping, maintenance, hospitality, etc., and they work hard to resolve any problems that the trends identify.

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