Wednesday, December 21, 2005

RCI Last Call Vacations

What are RCI Last Call Vacations?

A clearance sale of short notice vacations: These are short notice with check-in days in 45 days or less prior to travel date. They are without a doubt the best bargain anywhere for vacation accomodations. Tips below should help you maximize your usages of RCI Last Call vacations.

For RCI Weeks members, Studio units are $99 USD. One-bedroom units are $149 USD. And two-bedroom units are only $199 USD. And that's for a full week! Remember, these are condo suites with kitchens, not cramped motel rooms. When you log in to RCI Weeks to search availabliity, choose "Featured Destinations" to find the most destinations.

For RCI Points members, the cost for Last Call vacations is only 9,000 points. If you own 90,000 RCI Points and took all your vacations using RCI Last Call, you could take 10 weeks of vacation on that same one annual maintenance fee associated with your ownership! You begin to see what a unbelievable bargin Last Call vacations truly are! The ability to take multiple weeks of vacation for only one maintenance fee is by itself reason enough to own RCI Points, or add them to your ownership if you don't already own.

how you can keep your weeks ownership as is, but also use RCI Points.

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