Monday, January 23, 2006

RCI Retires the Resort Of International Distinction rating

If you search for timeshare resorts at or if you look in the new RCI Resort Directory for 2006/2007 you might notice a new resort designation called Silver Crown. The Silver Crown designation replaces the former "RID" designation - Resort of Int'l Destinction.

The RCI Silver Crown designation is now marked by this symbol and the RCI Gold Crown designation symbol is now marked by this symbol.

A third RCI designation is the Hospitality Award, for which the symbol is this.

The Hospitality Award is a newly created award, which is given to resorts that have consistently achieved high remarks in the areas of check-in/check-out and hospitality by RCI members. The Hospitality Award can be recognized by the icon with the gold box with a pyramid of people inside.

Regardless of whether a resort has a designation symbol or rating, all resorts have to be well maintained and not receive too many complaints, or they face possible exclusion from RCI affiliation.

Larry Hayden

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