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Important: The scenario below is explaining the type of RCI Points wherein you own a timeshare. Our company now recommends the
 RCI Points Access Program, where you don't own a timeshare but can access unlimited RCI points with no maintenance fees!

As an owner of 76,000 annual
RCI Points you could enjoy yourself like this:

                        (And you only pay one maintenance fee for all this vacation fun!)

Year One  76,000 Annual RCI Points                                   76,000

1 week in a one bedroom standard resort  in Orlando-------26,000

One Week using RCI Last Call vacation--------------------------9,000

1 week Car Rental Intermediate Size (Budget or Avis)------20,500

Total Points Spent in Year One                                          55,500

Points unused =  20,500 which carry over to year two------(20,500)

Year Two Points available at beginning of year two            96,500

Caribbean Cruise Two Adults for 4 days-------------------------57,000

7 Nights – Hawaii 1 bedrm--------------------------------------------36,000

Fri and Sat night in Orlando, 2 bedroom--------------------------16,800

Borrowed Points from Year 3---------------------------------------(13,300)

Total Points Spent in Year Two                                        109,800

Year Three Beginning Points Balance                                  62,700

If you use more points than you own and if you don't want to borrow from future years you can rent points from RCI for 2 cents per point, up to 50% of the points required for the transaction.

If you are able to travel on short notice (45 days or less prior to travel date), then Instant Exchanges are especially exciting because you can stay in any Number of Bedrooms for a full week for only 9,000 points. If you used all 76,000 owned points for instant exchanges, that would be over 8 weeks of vacation and all for only ONE maintenance fee!

Remember you can use your RCI Points in RCI Weeks™ resorts too. See the RCI Weeks™ Resort Reservations Chart showing how many RCI points it takes for all regions worldwide.

If you already own in an RCI Weeks™ resort, you can breathe new life into that ownership. Here is how:

Step One: You become and RCI Points owner, so that you have an RCI Points account.

Step Two: Deposit your RCI Weeks® week into your RCI Points® account. RCI calls this special program Points For Deposit™, and it too is exciting because your old weekly timeshare has just become revitalized. You can take more than one vacation. No more using up a full week when you have to leave early! Or use your points to take a several mini-vacations.

RCI Points - absolutely the best point system in the world!