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Existing RCI Weeks members can breath new life, flexibility and performance into their traditional week for week timeshare.

Introducing the… RCI Points for Deposit Program. (Qualifications)    Ask Us how you can use your weeks as RCI Points.

Get more Points by depositing other RCI Vacation Weeks.

Do you own one or more weeks of timeshare at a traditional week for week resort?

Does your timeshare not perform like it used to because of the resort location, size unit, season, and resort designation or resort demand?

Are you tired or vacationing for a week at a time with no control or flexibility?

Would you like to possibly get two or three weeks of usage per year from your timeshare?

Would you like to be able to vacation for one, two or three night stays instead of a full week?

Would you like to be able to exchange your White or Blue week anytime of year just like Red week owners can?

Have you ever taken a lesser season, size unit, resort designation or had to check-in late or leave early with your week for week exchange?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, the RCI Points for Deposit Program….....Is For You!

Now, with Points for Deposit, you have the option of combining all or some of your traditional timeshare Weeks into a single, powerful and flexible Points account.

Simply acquire an RCI Points package from us at one of our beautiful resorts and we will get your RCI Points account set up with RCI.

You can then choose which years you want to deposit your weeks for more points and which years you use your week at Weeks affiliated resorts. It also does not matter how many weeks per year you convert to points via the Points for Deposit program.

The Points you receive perform just like the Points that will already be in your Points account. They’re just added to your existing balance. Imagine the possibilities that having more annual Points will give you. You can take more two and three night get-a-ways, take longer vacations in a smaller unit or slower season, give vacations to family and friends and still have plenty of Points to use for yourself. You can also use points for airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, entertainment and more via RCI Points Partners! The choices are endless. The more Points you have, the more choices you have.

How many Points do you get?

Point values for your week(s), but not performance, depends on where your resort is located, its season, unit size, and how far in advance of its start date your Vacation Week is deposited. Once weeks are converted and deposited into your points account, all points in the system perform the same. If you have the required number of points for a specific desired vacation and the inventory is available…you go! Points are Points!

As an example, lets say you own a two-bedroom unit at a Gold Crown resort in Florida during the white season. Refer to page 119 in the RCI Points Community Guide, and you’ll see that the point value of your Vacation Week is 29,500 Points. You’ll receive that many Points if you deposit your Week at least 90 days in advance of the start date. Other wise, you’ll receive a percentage of the 29,500 Points, based on the chart below.

Points for Deposit Schedule:

Number of Days Prior to Start Date

Percent of Point Value Assigned

90 days or greater


89 – 46 days


45 –30 days


29 – 0 days


To take advantage of this great new opportunity, get your questions answered and find out how many Points you can receive for your week(s), please fill out our Contact Form telling us the name of the resort(s) you own at, the size unit(s) and the season. We will look it up on the standardized RCI Points for Deposit Chart and tell you how many additional points you will receive annually if you become and RCI Points member.

Don’t pay a resale company hundreds of dollars to TRY and sell your week. Don’t take pennies on the dollar from what you paid and put into your ownership via purchase price and annual maintenance fees. Put all those dollars to work for you and your family with the RCI Points for Deposit Program.

Let us help you breathe new life, flexibility and performance into your existing week for week timeshare.

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