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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About RCI Points

QUESTION: What is your website address which contains the RCI Points information?

ANSWER: RCI Points main page We have the most extensive RCI Points information to be found on the net, including explanations, points charts, fees, examples, etc.

QUESTION: How long do I have to use my points for a given calendar year?

ANSWER: Two years. If you don't use all you rci points the first year, they automatically carry over to the second year. They do not automatically carry over to the third year unless you pay a fee to extend them. Ask us for details about the RCI extension of points program.

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for two RCI Memberships each year, one for the traditonal week I own, and one for RCI Points if I buy RCI Points?

ANSWER: No. You will have two RCI accounts but only one fee.

QUESTION: Regarding the RCI Points that you sell, do I have to pay a $2900 fee to convert my timeshare to points?

ANSWER: No. All RCI points we sell are either new points at a wholesale price (resort wholesale direct to you via our wholesale contract with the resor, or resales from individuals who are reselling at a wholesale price.

QUESTION: Can I resell my RCI Points?

ANSWER: Yes. We can help you resell them or you can sell them on your own.

QUESTION: Do I have to be the only one who can check in?

ANSWER: No, if you buy a guest certificate from RCI, your guest will be allowed to check in, and you might be interested in this

QUESTION: IF I choose to use my RCI Points for Airfare, Cruises, Car Rentals, or Hotels, where do I see the charts showing the points required to use these providers, and is it a good deal to use points this way?

ANSWER: Th RCI Partners charts and the fees are shown here on our website: As to whether it is a good deal, yes they can be incredibly good deals depending upon many factors such as where and when you are traveling. What most RCI Points owners do is to check the best deal they can find if paying cash, against the points required if using points, and take the best deal, realizing that the points are already paid for so why not use them instead of cash if the transaction makes reasonable sense. Another reason you might use a points partner is if you only have a few points left over for a given year, you may want to use them for a car rental or a nite or two in a hotel. It is a nice option that traditional weeks owners do not even have.

QUESTION: Can I buy RCI Points without buying a timeshare?

ANSWER: No. Points do not exist by themselves. RCI has evaluated every resort and established the point values which relate to every size unit and every week of the year, so you are buying a timeshare with a right to use a certain number of points annually or biennially, and the timeshare has a maintenance fee associated with it which pays for all costs of the operation of the resort.
QUESTION: Are all RCI Points deeded?

QUESTION: Do I want to buy only in a deeded RCI Points resort?

ANSWER: Not necessarily, there are fine resorts, both deeded and non-deeded. Most people are more concerned with getting the best price, and the majority of the RCI Points resorts abroad are not deeded.