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You Make The Choices!

RCI Points VS Traditional Week Usage

RCI Points Traditional Week Usage
You choose ~
Travel anytime of year
Same week or season
You choose ~
The size unit You
need or desire
Same or smaller size unit
You choose ~
7,10,15, 21 nights or more depending
on how you use your points
7 Nights maximum usage
You choose ~
Stay as few as one night or
as many as You desire
Must use for a full week
You choose ~
Use Points at any
of the 3700 resorts
Pay more to own Gold Crown
Worldwide including
Gold Crown resorts
No access to RCI Points
You choose ~
Check-in the day you want
for check-in
nightly stays at many
Points resorts
They tell you what day to
You choose ~
Reserve a condo, book a flight,
only rent a car, take a cruise
and more!
Use for accommodations