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How do you get RCI Points in return for depositing non-points weeks?

Ask Us how you can use your week as RCI Points.

The RCI Points For Deposit program, meaning "get points in return for depositing weeks", has been available through RCI for several years now. Not everyone can participate. Here are the rules:

Summary: Points for Deposit Points members who also own at Weeks resorts can choose to receive points for their Weeks deposits via the Points for Deposit program, (for non-commercial use only) even if that resort is not a points resort. The Weeks ownership is not actually being "converted"; however, those deposits can be used to receive points. The member decides which weeks to convert and which to leave in Weeks, one deposit at a time.

Note: You will only pay one RCI Membership fee even though you have both a weeks membership and a points membership.

A simple phone call to RCI Points department is all it takes to deposit your week and get points in return.

The points you receive are good for travel for two years from the date of deposit, so any points you don't use the first year automatically carry over to the second year. You can also borrow points from future years, or rent points from RCI for a particular year for only 2 cents per point.

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