Timeshare Resales Worldwide

Timeshare Resales Worldwide

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Most timeshare resorts have times of the year when the demand is higher than others. These times of the year are referred to as the "season", much the same way as hotels have their on season and off season, where rates vary accordingly.
With RCI, seasons are color coded Red, White, Blue, representing respectively, the Highest Demand, Average Demand, and Low Demand times of the year
Red is the best you can own, representing the high demand time of year, and with a Red week, you can request the prime times of the year in exchange, in other words you can request any of the 52 weeks of the year.


If you own white or blue, you would have to refer to the exchange company directory, to see what dates correspond to those colors, i.e., which dates you could go to the resort. If you own White or Blue you would be limited to the non-prime times of the year to exchange into a resort, except for short notice exchanges, 30 days ahead of travel date.

The RCI Directory tells for each resort, what weeks of the year are considered Red, White, or Blue.

For I.I. Interval International, the same concept applies, but the weeks are color coded Red, Yellow, and Green.

For some resorts destinations the demand is high year round, and they are rated Red year round.

As soon as you know whether you want to exchange your week, you call the exchange company on their toll free number. Tell them where you want to go, when, and how many people. They do a search right then. If they have it, they give it to you and charge the exchange fee. If they don't have it, you can pay the exchange fee and the counselor can initiate an ongoing search where the computer keeps searching, as soon as your requested exchange comes in, the exchange is confirmed and the exchange company sends a confirmation by mail. If the requested exchange doesn't occur, the exchange fee is refunded.