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Timeshare Company: The Original Online Resale Brokers

As founder of the oldest online timeshare company, Larry Hayden has been a Timeshare Industry Leader and licensed realtor since 1969. As a publisher of many timeshare articles including the Timeshare Answers Guide, he is honored to be a leader in the timeshare industry, revolutionizing the timeshare industry with his strict No Upfront Fee policy.

Larry graduated with high scholastic honors and a degree in business with a Real Estate major, from the University of Arizona in 1969. He has been licensed in Real Estate ever since and enjoys specializing in timeshares. So he started his own timeshare company.

He sold timeshare at many of the largest and most successful California resorts, and completed R.C.I's Professional Advantage® course for timeshare trainers, at R.C.I. Headquarters in Indianapolis.

Larry grasped early on that timeshare is the perfect product to market to a worldwide audience. As a result of a lot of plain hard work coupled with sound intuition, the oldest timeshare website on the Internet, the business has blossomed from a variety of sources.

Additionally, Larry launched the worldwide Timeshare M.L.S. which gives access to licensed real estate agents worldwide to sell the listings. Larry is an enthusiastic owner of several timeshares, and he is a pioneer in the timeshare industry. And publisher of many timeshare articles.

In 2017 Larry decided to sell his business to another timeshare company with integrity and willingness to help people as he did for so many years. So we are proud to announce that All timeshare is now part of the Magical Realty family. Let us introduce to you the new owner of alltimesahre David and Sharon Cortese David has lived in Florida for most of his life, also having lived in Puerto Rico and Brazil. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese while also studying French in college. A graduate of the University of Florida, David spent several years working in the banking and technology industry before finding what he’s truly passionate about vacations. David entered the timeshare industry in 2006 and worked two years for Marriott Vacation Club before joining the resale industry. He has traveled extensively, visiting many of the timeshare resorts in Florida, California and the Caribbean. David welcomed his first born son in 2010 “Daniel” while also adding his second child “Dylan” in 2012. David has been married to his beautiful wife, Sharon, since 2005. David’s greatest enjoyment is helping families make that vacation dream come true.

What makes alltimeshare the best Timeshare Company?

Alltimeshare was not only the oldest online timeshare company online, but possessed the oldest looking website online to prove that reputation. We are pleased to present you with a modern website and timeshare resale market to simplify the process of buying, selling, and renting a timeshare. 

Becoming a member of our resale market will help us slice through the red tape of closing contracts and getting signatures to close the deal. You will also be able to receive offers from our online community with an assistance of a licensed real estate agent. We will be offering more in-depth advertising opportunities as we continue to grow our market. Sign up for our newsletter for updates and savings.

We have cultivated some of the best talent in the timeshare resale industry to his timesh. We are a small specialized company with a focus adding a human element to our services. We are more than just an online listing service. We are people just like you who want to help get in or out of a timeshare today. To meet our team go to Timeshare Resale Specialists and view our agents bio’s now.

We can assist you from start to finish including your timeshare closing Licensed real estate agents are available to assist you We strive to make the best place to sell, rent, and buy timeshares. If you have questions about our services or our website, please call us at (407-347-6515)

Why choose Alltimeshare as a timeshare company?

Meet Our Licensed Real Estate Professionals

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Timeshare Company Team Member: David Cortese

David Cortese

Licensed Real Estate Agent

David has lived in Florida for most of his life, also having lived in Puerto Rico and Brazil. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese while also studying French in college.

Timeshare Company Team Member: Tom Kessler

Tom Kessler

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Tom Kessler brings a breadth of real estate experience to Magical Realty. In his first year in real estate, Tom sold $30M…solely to investors, then he transitioned into residential real estate sales and quickly became a top producer in his office.

Timeshare Company Team Member: Paula Cortese

Paula Cortese

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Paula is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the beautiful city of tango. She has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and graphic design.

Timeshare Company Team Member: Teresa Denney

Teresa Denney

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Teresa, born and raised in London, England, is an avid traveler and has been involved in travel and tourism all her life. She traveled the world with British Airways.

Timeshare Company Team Member: Karl Brodersen

Karl Brodersen

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Specializing in STARWOOD & MARRIOTT resorts in prime locations including Hawaii, Park City, California, Florida and the Caribbean. Karl has been in the timeshare world for 30 years.

Timeshare Company Team Member: Ron Weismore

Ron Weismore

Rental Manager / Licensed Real Estate Agent

Ron has spent 21 plus years in the timeshare industry and has been a licensed real estate agent in Florida for 8 years. Weismore worked for all the top developers and developed rental programs in the business.

Timeshare Company Team Member Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Ryan Taylor is a vacation ownership professional with more than 15 years of experience. His career in the industry has been spent with the largest most respected brands.