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Article License Page - Buyer Seller Protections

Buyer/Seller protections

Background information about Timeshare Resales Worldwide and it's founder, licensed broker Larry Hayden. We encourage all potential timeshare buyers and sellers to verify that the company they do business with is a licensed real estate broker.Don't be fooled by the scams that hundreds of websites with no licensed sales agents use.Timeshare Resales Worldwide is a licensed broker. You can verify our license status at the California Department of Real Estate website: Verify Our license.We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau where we have a rare A+ rating. To be a member, a company must undergo scrutiny and comply with stringent ethical requirements. For complete info. CLICK HERE or click on the BBB logo on our home page.Our broker Larry Hayden has been real estate licensed and in good standing for over 29 years with never a complaint!Dealing with a licensed broker affords numerous protections for both buyers and sellers, including the fact that all funds must be held in an Escrow Trust Account until the sale has closed and someone responsible for the transaction if surprises come up during escrow, as is often the case. If you don't employ a licensed broker, you will find you are on your own in such matters.In order for any company to LEGALLY sell your deeded timeshare, they are required by law to have a real estate broker's license! Unfortunately, this law is being violated every day by hundreds of websites, so ask them for their license number, and then either call the state's department of real estate to verify the license status, or verify it online by searching online for the applicable state department of real estate.A licensed real estate broker has a lot to lose if he deals fraudulently, but unfortunately the same cannot be said of unlicensed companies, so you deal with them at your own risk. Why do it?You deal with a non-licensed company at your own risk.

Experienced Escrow (Sales Processing):

Many timeshare companies do not perform a thorough escrow sales processing procedure, and many do not provide Title Insurance.Such companies make the same mistake in thinking that many buyers and sellers do -- they think that since a timeshare is such a small piece of ownership, it must be very simple to transfer.Quite the contrary, please read frequently asked questions about escrow procedure.Our standard procedure recommends Title Insurance protection for the buyer, guaranteeing free and clear title. Also the seller's ownership details are verified in writing directly with the resort.You can rest assured when you buy through our company that you will receive exactly what you contract for. We remain responsible for the sale clear through to closing.