The RCI Gold Crown
and I.I. 5-Star Rating

The meaning of resort ratings


From: Chip Ballew, former RCI employee, published on the Prodigy Bulletin Board

"Having retired from RCI after 6 and ½ years service, I'll be happy to share some tips and insight on how RCI works. The Gold Crown recognition award from RCI is misunderstood by many people (especially new-timeshare sales people!). RCI has two different awards given. Gold Crown is the highest award, which is given to approx. 10% of RCI's resorts. It is a recognition award only; IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE LIKELIHOOD OF GETTING AN EXCHANGE. Gold Crown recognizes quality, based upon comment cards received by members who stayed at the resort on the exchange. 

Demand (or value of the week deposited) is what determines who gets what.

There are Gold Crown resorts in Iowa. Owning a January week in Iowa is not going to guarantee you getting an exchange to Hawaii! What owning at a Gold Crown resort does mean is that you will get exchanges to similar quality resorts. If a resort offered to you isn't Gold Crown, DON'T REJECT IT JUST BECAUSE OF THAT FACT. Any offered resort should be of similar quality to the week you are trading."