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Selling your timeshare is easier than you think

I Want To Sell My Timeshare

Do you find yourself asking, "where do I start if I want to sell my timeshare?" Let one of our timeshare specialists help you evaluate the price of your timeshare, the overall likelihood that you will sell your timeshare, and let you know how we can help you sell your timeshare faster than just posting it to another online marketplace. If you would like a quick response quote head over to our quote my timeshare page.

If you are looking to sell your timeshare as quickly as possible, then wait no further. Call or contact us today so we can speak with you about the best way to get out of those annual dues. Let us show you some creative ways to relieve some of that pressure while we try to sell your timeshare. We offer our services with no up front fees, and you pay nothing until the purchase of your timeshare.

Benefits of Selling Your Timeshare With Us

  • No hidden or up front fees
  • Free licensed real estate professional advice
  • Free secondary market evaluation of your timeshare
  • Free online marketing through our new market place.
  • Easy access to your agent through your membership user portal.
  • One of the oldest online brands in the Industry.
  • Hassle-Free Closing Process
  • Expert assistance to handle the closing of your timeshare sale.
sell my timeshare

View Our Listings Market

Head over to our timeshare resale market and create a free account. Once you create your account you can post your timeshare to our market. Once your timeshare has been approved one of our friendly real estate professionals will guid you through the process. You pay nothing until the sale of your timeshare.

The Process when I want to sell my timeshare

Selling your timeshare with us is very simple and risk free. We do not charge any fees up front. Our job is to expose your property by advertising it on the web with some of the most visited timeshare websites in the US. We also have a network of brokers throughout the country that can obtain buyers for us. Our commission, which is 15% or $2,000, whichever one is greater, is deducted from the proceeds at the end of the transaction. We get paid at the same time as the seller.

As to how quick we can sell your timeshare, that depends very much on how accurately we price your property, which is based on supply and demand, but most important, how aggressive you want to be compared to other sellers listing an identical or similar product. We’ll assist you with giving you an estimate for the resale value of your ownership.

Once the seller decides to move forward with selling his/her property, we prepare a listing agreement and email it to the seller. The length of the agreement is typically six months.

Any offers presented to us, shall be communicated to the seller. It’ll be her/his decision to accept, decline or counter offer every offer.

Should the seller decide to accept an offer, we shall ask the buyer to place a deposit, typically in the amount of $1000, in some cases more, to secure the inventory and remove it from the market, and to ensure the seller that he/she is a bona fide buyer.